Environment Render

Final Image

A mostly abstract environment, to be used a render of a pipe thrusting device for the Cherrington Construction Company. I established the design in black and white first, based on a small number of references, and continued adding detail until the overall effect was that of a futuristic city.

Thumbnail 1 Thumbnail 2Thumbnail3

I initially wanted to create a sky rail to add a softer curve to the composition, but ultimately it drew attention away from the machinery on display.

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4

Book Cover Design


The end result of a long line of revisions. Originally it was going to be a 2D illustration, but before long it seemed the complexity of the tower won out, and a 3D solution became the best option.

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“SciFi Lady” Turnaround

This is a project I took on last semester, working with the character design made by Nubia Palocios.

I’ve improved some of the detail in the hair and eyes since then. You can see these original renders from Keyshot when I was demoing it alongside Zbrush.

KeyShot (3) KeyShot (4) KeyShot (1) KeyShot (2)

Personally, I prefer Zbrush’s rendering, but that has mostly to do with that fact that I’ve been using it much longer than Keyshot.


Thank you for taking a look at this project, I look forward to hearing any feedback from those of you out there that would like to speak up.